About the bakery hinkel

the bread-lover's bakery

The Bakery Hinkel has become a venue in Düsseldorf for all people devoted to artisan bread.


In Germany, bread is an essential staple food, since the most important crops for any baker, are grown right here: Wheat, dinkel wheat, and rye, which are ground to flour. This being one of the reasons, why German bakers especially are able to produce so many varieties of fresh, handmade bread.

The Hinkel bakery has therefore dedicated itself to just this core competence: Bread baking. It is our great passion, which we pursue with love, creativity and traditional craftsmanship.
We are blending our ingredients ourselves, cultivating our own sourdoughs and creating our products in true hand-made and artisan fashion without the use of machine processing. Building upon this original idea of the baker's craft, we continually create new recipes and enhance traditional bread-varieties. This results in us baking close to 70 different breads per day, even over 80, including our daily specialties.


Of course we do not miss out on the many sweet products of the baker's craft, as we are well known for our Stollen, (sweet German bread with raisins and icing sugar) blended with Düsseldorfer Killepitsch liquor; which is being made annually around Easter and Christmas. Along with our bread specialties, we also offer a rich variety of pastry products, biscuits and sweet treats all throughout the year.
Being a training company, honoring the educational system of German craftsman apprenticeship, we are offering apprenticeship positions each year for journeymen or a master education in our craft. In addition to this, we are also visited by many young craftsmen and -women, who are working with us for several weeks or even a year to further their education. Artisan Bakers are closing ranks and bolster each other, which we highly support by being a member of the Bäckerinnung Rhein/Ruhr (guild of bakers in the Rhine and Ruhr area in Germany) and Josef Hinkel being head of the guild of the "Handwerksbäcker Düsseldorf - HWBD" (Artisan-Bakers of Düsseldorf).

We are putting special focus into our service by also crafting custom made breads, individual orders, packaging, and naturally customer care. Our direct contact to our customers at our points of sale is most significant to us, as even during the most busy hours of the day, each customer is made to feel welcome and comfortable visiting us. We are pleased to accommodate special requests, as for example safekeeping of shopping bags at our premises, cutting and bread rolls etc.
One look at our display window emphasizes our huge variety of bread-specialties. We are deliberately not pursuing chain business and are focused on our only two own points of sale, which are closely located to each other in the Düsseldorfer Altstadt and Carlstadt area. Only in this manner, we can guarantee steadily exceptional quality and meet our high standards of service.

Following through on our philosophy, we have become a popular expert in respect to bread, bread rolls and rustic baked goods, well across the borders of Düsseldorf and the Rhine area. Whether in our bake house, our shops, behind or in front of our counter; you will realize that we truely are "The Bread-Lover's Bakery".


We are looking forward to your visit.