Bakery HINKEL - Our history

5 generations of ARTISAN BAKERs

The Bakery Hinkel was founded by Jean Hinkel and his wife Katharina (née Dresia) in 1891. The first bakery was located on Grünstraße, near the famous Königsallee ("Kö"). As the family grew and after several relocations, the Hinkel family and their bakery settled down on Gladbacher Straße 13 in Düsseldorf/Bilk.
Jean's son, Johannes Hinkel, became self-employed with his wife Amanda (née Hengst) in 1928 on Aachener Straße in Düsseldorf/Bilk and made their way to the Düsseldorf Old-Town (Altstadt) around 1936.

His son Karl Josef Hinkel married his wife Hedwig, née Brügge, and founded "The Bread-Lover's Bakery" in 1956, which their son Josef Hinkel took over in 1988 and continues to this day. With his daughter Sophie Hinkel, who is courrently finishing her education as master baker, the fifth generation is ready to get off the starting blocks.

Life and work of the Hinkel bakers

Jean Hinkel was a true craftsman. He achieved several gold medals with his products at the time and his award-winning "Printen" (special, german ginger bread with herbs) are still famous and being baked till this day by his great grandchild. A true specialty of the house: The "Bruchprinte" – available all throughout the year. Also the members of historic marksmen's clubs in the district of Bild in Düsseldorf, are still telling the story of Jean Hinkel joining their club in 1901 on a saturday and becoming the champion marksman on the monday after. Jean participated as member of the board and later became chairman of the Bilker marksmen's club (Schützenchef).
Johannes Hinkel aquired a high reputation as a bread-roll baker in the Old Town (Altstadt) and prevails although being a newcomer in this part of Düsseldorf. After the destruction of his bakery at the "Burgplatz" during the air raid of 1942, Johannes was commissioned to provide sustenance for the population and was lodged with his bakehouse on Mittelstraße 25. This bakery was later on taken over by his son Karl Josef in 1956.


Karl Josef Hinkel put his focus right away on bread baking and named his business "Die Bäckerei der Brotfreunde" (The Bread Lover's Bakery) while also creating the brand logo which is still used today. This making him far ahead of his time. Selected ingrediens, artisan processing and suitable prices was his philosophy. Karl Jusef understood very well how to combine well established traditions with modern progress. Staying up to speed in his time of many new developements made him a highly respected specialist in his craft and among his fellow craftsmen. In 1966, the heirs of the Bakery Josef Müller on Hohe Straße 31 were looking for an successor and decided it to be Karl Josef Hinkel. Being very fond of the carnival traditions in Düsseldorf and a member of the "Weissfräcke" carnival's club, Karl Josef became Karnevalsprinz "Prince Ka-Jo I." (Prince of the Düsseldorfer Carnival) in 1988 during the 700th anniversary of the city of Düsseldorf. This also being the year of him to pass the torch to his son Josef.


Josef Hinkel followed in his father's footsteps in 1988. He is a true bread-baker and most fond of rustic  baked bread with a hearty crust. New recipes were developed and the product range is still expanding with new bread specialties till today. Josef Hinkel was the last head of the baker's craft guild of Düsseldorf before its fusion with the craft guild of the Rhine/Ruhr Area. He now holds the position of head craftsman of the Handwerksbäcker Düsseldorf / HWBD (Guild of Artisan Bakers of Düsseldorf). As well as his father, Josef became prince of the Düsseldorfer Carnival "Prince Josef I." in 2008, which was as well an anniversary year für Düsseldorf, celebrating the 350th Birthday of Düsseldorfs Elector Jan Wellem. Being a carnival-enthusiast just like his father, Josef then even went on to become president of the Comitee Düsseldorfer Carneval (CC) from 2011 till 2015 and being a senator of the distinguished carnival's club "Weissfräcke" until today.